Process Improvement

The New River Community and Technical College Process Development and Implementation Project is a college wide effort to document and improve the delivery of services to internal customers (faculty, staff, and other departments) and external customers (students and the community) through a methodical evaluation of the steps necessary to fulfill the College mission.

General Inquiries
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New River Community and Technical College
Office of Human Resources and Process Improvement
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Leah A. Taylor
Director of Human Resources and Process Improvement
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Larry Barnhill
Consultant for Process Improvement
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Operating Rules

Operating Rule 1 : Grant and External Funding Applications

Operating Rule 2 : Faculty/Administrator Emeritus

Operating Rule 3 : Classified Staff Emeritus

Operating Rule 5 : Prohibition of Weapons

Operating Rule 6 : Salary and Merit

Operating Rule 8 : Naming Designation for College Property

Operating Rule 10 : Tuition Waivers application

Operating Rule 11 : Website

Operating Rule 12 : President Emeritus(a) Status

Operating Rule 13 : Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Operating Rule 14 : Hiring

Operating Rule 15 : Capital Project Management

Operating Rule 16 : Computer Use

Operating Rule 17 : Sexual Harassment

Operating Rule 18 : Bookstore and Textbooks

Operating Rule 19 : Employing, Evaluating, and Responsibilities of the President

Operating Rule 20 : Personnel Development

Operating Rule 21 : Travel

Operating Rule 22 : Drug-Free Workplace

Operating Rule 23 : Tobacco Product-Free Campus

New River Procedures


Procedure No. 1 : Travel

Procedure No. 2 : Book Advance Fund

Procedure No. 3 : Inclement Weather and Emergency Situation Procedure

Procedure No. 4 : Employment Search and Selection

Procedure No. 5 : New Employee Orientation

Procedure No. 6  : RSE Tiers

Procedure No. 7 : Faculty Evaluations

Procedure No. 8 : Summer Office Hours and Employee Work Schedules Procedures

Procedure No. 9  : Grants and External Funding Applications

Procedure No. 10 : Faculty / Administrator Emeritus

Procedure No. 11 : Classified Staff Emeritus

Procedure No. 12 : Drug-Free Workplace

Procedure No. 13 : Naming Designation Procedure for College Property, Academic Divisions, and Faculty Honorary Titles

Procedure No. 14 : Protocol and Response to Student Death

Procedure No. 15 : Influenza and Pandemic Outbreak

Procedure No. 16 : Protocol for Notification of Board of Governors, Employee, or Family Member Death

Procedure No. 17 : Website Maintenance

Procedure No. 18 : Repealed

Procedure No. 19 : Mobile Communication Device Procedure

Procedure No. 20 : Repealed

Procedure No. 21 : Computer Use

Procedure No. 22 : Social Media Procedure

Procedure No. 23 : Background Screening Procedure

Procedure No. 24 : Email Communication

Procedure No. 25 : Personnel Development

Procedure No. 26 : Freedom of Information Requests

Procedure No. 27 : Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Other Forms of Harassment

Procedure No. 28:  Academic Forgiveness

Procedure No. 29:  Course Cancellation

Procedure No. 30:  Definition of Credit Hours

Procedure No. 31:  Textbook Affordability

Procedure No. 32:  Directed Independent Study

Procedure No. 33:  Credentialing

Procedure No. 34:  Academic Program Review

Procedure No. 35:  External Public Relations

Procedure No. 36:  Procedures on Operating Rules, College Procedures, and Administrative Desk Procedures

Procedure No. 37:  Event Planning

Procedure No. 38:  Key and Access Card Distribution and Control of Access

Procedure No. 39: Student Withdrawal Procedure after Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop) Period

Procedure No. 40: Bookstore Scholarship and Bookstore Scholarship Application

Prodedure No. 41: Student Drug Screening

Procedure No. 42: Records Retention - Retention & Disposal Schedule Form - Authorization to Destroy Records Form

Procedure No. 43: Faculty Workload

Procedure No. 44: Student Background Screening

Procedure No. 45: Tobacco Product-Free Campus

Procedure No. 49: Promotion and Tenure


Nondiscrimination Statement

Read more: Nondiscrimination Statement

New River Policies








A.100: Definition of Council, Senate, Committee and Faculty Assembly

A.200: Repealed

A.300: Repealed

A.400: Repealed

A.500: Repealed

A.600: Emeritus Status for Classified Employees

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B.100: Repealed

B.200: Repealed

B.300: Financial Exigency Policy

B.400: Program Reduction, Suspension or Elimination

B.500: Periodic Review of Outside Services

B.600: Honors Designations

B.700: Repealed

B.800: Policy on tuition refunds or credits for students called to Active Military Service

B.900: Repealed

B.1000: Repealed

B.1100: Standards for Degree Designations and General Education Requirements

B.1200: Repealed

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C.100: Financial Aid

C.200: Student Conduct Code

C.300 Vacant

C.400: Drug-Free Campus


C.600: Student Record Policy

C.700: Security Needs

C.800: Student Worker Policy Regarding Confidentiality

C.900: Late Registration Fees

C.1000: Employee Wellness Program

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D.100: Repealed

D.200: Repealed

D.300: Repealed

D.400: Repealed

D.500: Establish fees for students taking classes at New River and other state-supported higher education institutions

D.600: Refund Schedule

D.700: Enforcement and Penalties for Traffic and Parking Violations

D.800: Repealed

D.900: Vacant

D.1000: Repealed

D.1100: Vehicle Management Policy

D.1200: Lost and Found Policy

D.1300: Compensatory/Overtime Provisions

D.1400: Repealed

D.1500: Repealed

D.1600: Repealed

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E.100: In Progress

E.200: Classified Staff Council Constitution

E.300: Repealed

E.400: Scheduling of Summer Courses

E.500: Repealed

E.600: Repealed

E.700: Repealed

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